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Our culture today is fast-paced and ever-changing. And we get it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. That’s where we come in! Of course, we understand your product/service is literally the lemon to your lemonade. But what about the other ingredients? What makes your (PYNK) lemonade so sweet?

By creating exciting features, vibrant content and influential stories that can be both impactful and beneficial to YOU and your brand, we believe we can give you all the perfect ingredients to make the best lemonade recipe possible.




Chanah McKenzie is a Creative Designer responsible for curating captivating and creative content while pitching and executing innovative brand expansion ideas through various design mediums. Through her passion and experiences as an artist, she has been left the knowledge of one thing: she can change this world - and that is just what she intends to do.

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francena adams

Chloé Francena Adams is a Media Specialist responsible for amplifying brand messaging through avenues like digital and social media, experiential marketing, public relations, influencer engagement and partnerships. Chloe hopes that her work will serve as a beacon for young girls interested in pursuing careers in media.

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Our    recipe    for   the    perfect    glass    of    lemonade    includes

three key ingredients

three key ingredients

These ingredients are what our company puts 200% into 24/7.


We are a group of go-getters + trend-setters that aim to push positive messaging of individuals and company brands worldwide!  

Just a pinch of flava

2/3 cups of magic

1 cup of love

ramona    roberts

Editor-in-Chief, The Squeeze

Senior Writer

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charles   jones

Community Engagement Specialist

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adrinece    beard

Copy Editor, Writer

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cynthia    vasquez

Creative Content Specialist

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Lead Production Specialist

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If you think you can add another ingredient to our recipe, then we want you!

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