Introducing Your New Favorite Talk Show: PYNK N’ Sip

2020 has been a long year and with still a few months to go, we really need a break. We need interaction with conversations around all the heavy things happening in the world. Think about’s a lot; 7 plus months of a world pandemic, day to day normalcy being completely reidentified, police shootings and an uproar of protest, Donald Trump still being president, and Rihanna still not dropping an album. It’s a lot to unpack alone...and sober. This is where PYNK N’ Sip, your new favorite digital talk show, comes in for the win. Grab your glass and get ready to release, relate, and respond to what is happening in the world through a digital space.

Created by PYNK Lemonade production director, Khrystina Blanks, and working with visual content producer Sherdrain Johnson, PYNK N’ Sip isn’t your typical talk show. These ladies created a space where what you need to talk about is presented in such a way that it becomes what you want to talk about; or as Khrystina calls it, “informative entertainment”. The show puts a cultured, millennial twist on discussion topics like pop culture, politics, race relations, sex, music, lifestyle, and everything in between. Imagine a hub for the things that upset us and the things that excite us. 

A cast of six young millennials, and a fabulous host, come together to give you their spin on the culture by challenging viewpoints on the status quo of society. This is done all while indulging in their drink of the day through various drinking games. Whether it’s reacting to Black Twitter or deep diving into current events, a drink will be handy and the conversation is going to get real. Each person of the cast represents a distinctive part of the community and each one of them stands in their truths. 

The goal of this show is to push people to not just relate to the cast and the conversation but be inspired to speak your own truths. “Most people don’t speak up because they believe that they’re the only person who thinks that way when a lot of times your unpopular opinion is more popular than you think,” said Khrystina.  PYNK N’ Sip is here to show inclusion to diverse perspectives, and to encourage people to not be afraid of who they are. If you want to challenge the norm and be a part of shifting the culture, then get your drink ready for the official premiere of your new favorite talk show Monday, October 19th at 7 pm via our YouTube Channel. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on social for more updates! 

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