Say Her Name: A Deep Dive into the Operating Machine of a failed system

White supremacy is and has been the foundation of every single system and construct in America. Like most people, especially marginalized ones, the comfort and security of home would likely be the one place where one could escape the demands and unfairness that comes with this construct; however, like a thief in the night, it moves with its own agenda proving that comfort is never guaranteed. 

Because it is woven into the fabric of this country, some people consciously and subconsciously subscribe to White Supremacy because of the powerful benefits they receive and they fail to acknowledge the harm and disadvantages it provides society. White Supremacy is the passageway for unethical hiring practices and discriminating against Black people for how they wear their natural hair. It has given permission to pull over a Black woman for failing to use a turn signal and using suicide as a coverup to her murder. It gives the green light to wrongfully enter a person’s residence and murder them in their sleep without consequence.  

With Louisville Metro police officer Brett Hankinson being charged with Wanton Endangerment in relation to the murder of Breonna Taylor, many people, especially Black women mourned the outcome. Yet again, Black people were shown that Black lives do not matter and that Black women are easily disposable. The Wanton Endangerment charges have provided justice to holes in the wall, and not the life that was lost which resulted in the holes being there. Zero police officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor were charged with her murder, resulting in anger, hurt and sadness combined with the lack of surprise being expressed on social media. 

Due to the announcement of charges, many conversations sparked and questions arose. On social media platforms such as Twitter, users have articulated their grief and disappointment in this verdict. People are frustrated that a Black attorney general failed to do more in order to hold Louisville Metro Police Department, Brett Hankinson, Jonathan Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove responsible for entering the wrong home and shooting Breonna. Many feel that this was another situation where a Black man had an opportunity to protect Black women and their legacy, but chose to cover themselves in order to please the powers that be and protect their own careers.

An accusation from a jury member alleged that the Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, had used the jury as a layer of protection regarding the announced charges because there was more to the story than what was initially shared with the public. Following this, Cameron admitted that he did not recommend the murder charges to the jury, and eventually released 20 hours of grand jury audio tapes per the order of a judge.

Black Americans are constantly and consistently reminded that there is no safety in the country that was built on the backs of their ancestors, and capitalizes on their names, culture, and existence. White Supremacy, operating as the machine for it all. 

#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor” is more than a hashtag, a meme, or only a wish for accountability of the Louisville Metro Police Department. The movement behind her name is also a cry for the humanity of Black women in the United States and across the globe. Breonna Taylor was the woman across the street, on the subway, in the classroom, in the emergency room providing care. She was a person. She was a Black woman. She deserves more. She matters.

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